Washington DC PCC

Washington DC

Mangrove Insurance Solutions, PCC is designed to appeal to North American-based clients who seek a flexible structure and respected regulatory environment.

Why Washington DC?

Washington, D.C. offers significant underwriting flexibility through a parity provision in the law that permits a captive or cell to engage in any activity that is permitted in any other captive jurisdiction (with approval from the D.C. Commissioner).

In addition, the Washington, D.C. captive statute allows cells within a PCC facility to establish themselves as either traditional Protected Cells or as Incorporated Protected Cells (IC). An IC is a protected cell that is established as a legal entity separate from the PCC insurer of which it is a part.

To learn more about Mangrove Insurance Solutions PCC domiciled in Washington, D.C., read our Brochure and FAQs. You can also contact us to discuss if Mangrove PCC is right for your organization.