Mangrove Insurance Solutions

Mangrove Insurance Solutions

Mangrove Insurance Solutions PCC and Mangrove Insurance Solutions PCC Limited, domiciled in Washington DC and Isle of Man respectively, are licensed insurance and reinsurance companies.

Companies participating in Mangrove PCC are insulated from the loss experience, liabilities, and credit risks of other participants. Consequently, participants can avoid potential costs, such as additional premium requirements or capital outlays that could arise in group captive arrangements when other participating firms have poor loss experience or more volatile risk profiles.

Mangrove PCC, established by Marsh’s Captive Solutions Group, offers an ideal solution for:
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Benefits of Mangrove Insurance Solutions

Mangrove PCC is a cost effective risk-financing vehicle which offers companies benefits similar to those available through group and single-parent captives, such as access to the reinsurance markets, optimization of risk transfer and risk retention and cover for uninsurable or ‘difficult to place’ risks.

Additional benefits of the Mangrove PCC include:

Marsh’s Captive Solutions Group offers Mangrove PCC participants the expertise and knowledge provided by a global network of captive colleagues. Contact Marsh Captive Solutions to discuss if the Mangrove PCC is right for your company.

Choosing the Right PCC Domicile

Mangrove PCC has been set up in two domiciles, Isle of Man and Washington DC, to take advantage of:

Learn more about the various benefits Isle of Man and Washington DC offers to help you choose which Mangrove PCC domicile is right for your company.